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Epos Sports Experience


Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK United States

Multiple sports camps will converge on OSU campus for one week. All of our camps are taught by pro-athletes and professional coaches.

What can your athlete expect to learn: We take the same programs pro athletes train under and apply it towards our athletes. It is important to prepare them for high school, collegiate and professional sports. While on the fields/gyms- they will be taught techniques, skill sets, drills, and enhanced sports agility to increase each athlete’s abilities and improve on their weaknesses in their sport.
Another part of our program is Mental toughness. Our professional mental toughness coaches teach how to have a raw competitive mindset. While overcoming fears and doubts each player faces.

Our program takes into account every aspect of the athlete’s lives and teaches the following: competition, mental toughness, health & nutrition, self-esteem, confidence, spiritual growth and a renewed love for the sport. In the end, if an athlete doesn’t enjoy the sport then they won’t have the drive and determination to be successful. So we want each athlete to have fun while training at a higher level to push them towards greatness.

Our clinics will quickly fill up so we encourage you to promptly register so your youth is able to get into the sport they want. Each athlete may choose one sport from each session as listed below. This allows the athlete to attend two different sports camps during this week. As the clinic approaches the pro athletes and coaches will be listed on the website.

Check-in begins at 7:30am Camp will promptly start at 8:30 each morning. Dorms are available if needed. Two weeks prior to the clinic, a welcome email will be sent outlining where to check-in and all other details pertaining to each sport. Please be watching for this email for more details.

Please call 918-671-2835 if you have any questions.

SCHEDULE: Each Athlete may choose 1 sport from each session


Session 1
June 14-16th

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys & Girls Golf

Session 2
June 17-19th

  • Softball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Boys & Girls Wrestling