Epos Sports Experience Makes A Pivotal Move At Their Sports Camp

Epos Sports Experience makes a pivotal move at their sports camp held at Oklahoma State University June 14th-19th, 2021. With families devastated across the state by the pandemic, Epos stepped up efforts to provide the highest caliber of camp for minimal cost. Giving boys and girls grades 7th-12th the opportunity to grow in their passion for sports while training with professional athletes and coaches. Epos Sports Experience camp will include: Football, Softball, Baseball, Boys/Girls Wrestling, Boys/Girls Golf, Boys/Girls Soccer & Boys/Girls Basketball. Epos will be providing dorms, meals & choice of attending 1 or 2 sports camp for $99.00. Sponsorships available to any family in need.

As a 501c3 sports minded, faith based Christian non-profit, Epos takes camp beyond the sport and makes it entirely life encompassing. Focus is put on each individual young athlete’s talent including mental stamina, physical endurance, leadership and personal growth. Our team of licensed counselors, fitness experts, former professional athletes, coaches, nutritionists, and life coaches make it possible to provide this platform. Connecting youth with life-time mentors and a support team.

“Epos is a chance to impact lives. It is a chance to give our kids the information and tools some of us didn’t have growing up. Excelling in sports is way more than performing on the court or field. Dare I say, playing the game is the easiest part.  The difficulties we face are the ones we face off of the field. No sport is important if we can’t teach our youth to be good community leaders, eat healthy, stay active, exercise, and most importantly love one another like God wants us too.  Epos is a chance to learn and inspire not only the youth but ourselves.”

Corey Hilliard, NFL Offensive Tackle for the Colts and Lions.

Epos’s continued partnerships with Oklahoma State University, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Visit Stillwater allowed us accommodate an even greater number of youth in 2021 at 2nd Annual Epos Sports Experience event.

As an accomplished athlete in high school playing football, running track, and wrestling, which I also did at a collegiate level. I know how imperative it is to have good training, discipline and support from a family. I feel Epos Camps allow students to become better athlete and are given the resources to go on and accomplish goals.”    -John Talley Oklahoma House of Representatives & OSU-FCA Director

More information and itinerary can be found at eposathletes.org or on facebook @epossportsexperience.

About Epos Sports Experience

Taking place at Oklahoma State University on June 14-19th, 2021, Epos Sports Experience will host the 2nd annual sports clinic inclusive of Football, Softball, Baseball, Boys/Girls Wrestling, Boys/Girls Golf, Boys/Girls Soccer & Boys/Girls Basketball. Epos invites top professional athletes from each sport to participate as coaches and mentors. Camp is divided between on field/gym as well as classroom time. Co-vid protocols will be in place to minimize any potential exposure that are required by OSU.  Epos operates solely on the financial support of individuals and companies who share the same passion to make a difference in the lives of our future generation.

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