Undeniable Belief

Written by Corey Hilliard, who played at Oklahoma State University & 8 years NFL. Now Football Coach at Will Rogers High School.

For a long time, I thought I knew what belief was. All my life I’ve heard the phrase “I believe in you” or “You got to believe me when I say…..”. The word Believe is easily thrown around and used, but its true meaning is hard to grasp, for me at least. Sometimes Faith and Belief can be the same. Faith and Belief are like first cousins, or better yet, siblings. They are indeed different but come from the same source. To me, Faith is knowing with very fiber of your being that the God and all his works are real. To have Belief is to trusts God at his word. In my experience you can often have one without the other, and for a big chunk of my life I had faith that God existed, but no Belief that If I followed him that my life would be better. To be quite honest, a large portion of my life was spent running and trying to fill voids with everything, but what God had to offer. As I grew older certain things happened in my life that can’t be explained. Fork in the road decisions that led me to my beautiful wife and ultimately my family. Certain feelings or thoughts that are so powerful that I wasn’t sure what was happening inside of me. Mishaps and mistakes that I endured and was so lucky to have been spared embarrassment and shame. Most would call this feeling a guardian angel. Some would call it good karma or good fortune. After years of speculation and wondering it finally hit me one day, that every near miss, every significant decision, every fork in the road moment was really God. Guiding and pointing me in the right direction. Even when I came to this conclusion I still didn’t Believe fully. I thought to myself “What makes me so special that God would watch over me?” To question God and all that he does is silly to me now. God is a man of his word. There is too much evidence in my life to suggest it. My success in life is because of the Belief of others. Some kids just need someone that will believe in them. Point blank. Can you see past their problems and circumstances and believe in their heart and character? That’s literally how I got where I am today. God and many other people along the way BELIEVED in me. I have entered the part of life where God has trusted me to Believe in others. Paying it forward. Just like the one parent, coach, teacher, mentor, or friend that believed in me, it’s my turn to believe in others. Epos Athletes is my chance to look young kids in the face and let them know no matter the circumstance, situation, or problem I Believe in you.