About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to strive towards excellence.  We will never be satisfied with being “lukewarm” in our relationship with Christ, playing our sport or serving communities across the globe. Our sights will be set high, aiming to be the best God has called us to be!  We strive to equip coaches, athletes and parents for today, tomorrow and eternity through sharing the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Shelly Weaver – Founder & President

Shelly Weaver and husband Steve of Oklahoma have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. The experience she has endured with her children being involved in sports and activities was the motivation behind Epos Athletes.

Being a successful business women doesn’t come easy but Shelly isn’t one to take “no” for an answer and won’t be to be told “it can’t be done”. Her heart of gold pushes her to provide for others. Life lead Shelly on a journey which allowed her to “pay it forward” and give children who have a passion for sports the ability to pursue their dreams.

In 2015 Shelly’s vision became a reality when she and a core team of professionals produced the first free barrel racing clinic. Continuing to grow annually, expanding the disciplines and the geographical presence, by 2018 the clinic included all 8 rodeo events and had over five thousand in attendance, this making it the largest rodeo clinic in the world.  

In 2019 the vision of Epos Athletes became reality when Shelly and her team stepped into the world of mainstream sports.


A Word from the President

Calm waters never affect a shoreline but a ripple in the waters can change the land. - Shelly Weaver

I believe we can make a difference in the lives of the youth and in the community.  The Epos platform will allow us to touch over 3 billion lives around the world which has a circumference of 24,902 miles of endless opportunity. 

Board Members

This is the team of professionals who share the passion of excellence through networking to create the Epos platform.

Mike Guthrie

Mike Guthrie

Vice President

Mike has over 30 years of working with nonprofits in the capacity of overseeing operations and managing personnel.

Susie Guthrie

Susie Guthrie


Throughout her life, Susie has been a business owner and held the financial director position within other nonprofit organizations.


Corey Hilliard

Retired from an 8-year career with the NFL, Corey continues to share his love of Football through coaching and clinics.


Jill Tovar

Jill has many years of professional experience and community involvement serving as the President of her local Chamber of Commerce.


Heath Boucher

Heath has made a career of aligning talent with opportunity thus creating a vortex of success. With nearly 2 decades of commitment to the Staffing/HR solutions industry.


Tonda Collins

Tonda's 40 year career has lead her to manage and professionally train the staff that oversee multibillion dollar companies. Her experience as a VP within the animal health industry gave her the knowledge and exposure to start her own international business, Equi-Resp.


"Our family can’t thank your team enough for your dedication. I would recommend these clinics to every parent that would like to help their child achieve their dreams. I didn’t compete in sports when I was younger so I didn’t know how to help my own child.  For my daughter to be able to train with a professional athlete was life changing. I could never afford to send her for help but you made it possible.  Keep doing what you are doing. ” - Joyce Philly

"I want to tell you what meant to me to be a part of your organization. I didn’t hesitate for a minute to join your team. The group of volunteers you organized to run things was beyond amazing. Everyone I met was there for the right reason and it showed. The idea of putting on clinics with some of the top professionals in their field in a faith-based setting was beyond exciting to me. Then to see it in action and the enthusiasm of everyone who attended and the response to the mission was even more impressive. These clinics give us a chance to learn more about various aspects of competing and help educate the athlete. It gave us a chance to have one on one with professionals in every aspect of our respective sports.

As a sponsor this meant so much more to me than just having our name associated with the organization, which is wonderful, but you gave us the chance to truly help people. You gave us a voice!

As a sponsor you can be assured EquiResp will be there to support you in all your endeavors! We are proud and honored to be a part of this great organization.” - Tonda Collins, Equi-Resp

"These clinics have been one of the biggest blessings in my life! I attended my first clinic in July of 2017 at Fort Collins, CO and have attended two more, both at Pawhuska, OK, since then. These clinics have taught me how to be a better athlete, shown me many drills to correct problems, allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people in the industry, and most importantly, strengthened my relationship with God! Shelly and the Epos/SUFC gang are some of the most genuine and kind hearted people I’ve ever met! Everyone at these clinics is so kind and willing to help! The things I have learned from the clinicians and applied to my runs have helped me and my horses tremendously. With out attending these clinics, I would most likely not be progressing as much as I am now in my sport. These clinics brought me closer to God, and helped me see my spiritual path more clearly. I am beyond thankful for all the amazing things Epos/SUFC has done for me.” - Ashton Ottley