Boys & Girls Soccer

Epos Athletes is partnering with West Side Alliance Soccer Club for Soccer clinics.

West Side Alliance Soccer Club has been a leading and premier soccer program in the state of Oklahoma since 1992. The non-profit organization has a mission to "serve others through sport". Approximately 1,500 youth players currently call WSA their home club, ranging in age for 3-19 years old, with multiple campuses and facilities across the state creating an expanse of geography from Oklahoma City, to Tulsa, to Ft Gibson and Claremore. The club is home to over 50 nationally licensed coaches, including a coach ranked by FIFA as the 16th best coach in world among all professional level coaches in both 2010 and 2011! The club is known for it's substantial and generous financial assistance program, producing multiple first-generation college players, individual and team successes at state, regional and national levels, and for the club's widely known mantra: Side Before Self... Every time!


  • 1v1 Dribbling - beating a defender
  • Escape dribbling - for possession
  • Passing Inventory
  • Advanced Passing to penetrate defense
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Box Running
  • Functional Crossing & Serving
  • Combining with Teammates to win
  • Functional Foot Prep for receiving & passing
  • Gaining Vision for attack & possession


  • 1v1 Defending
  • Basic Functional Roles as defender
  • Team Defending
  • Body Posture and Shape
  • Challenging air balls
  • Proper Heading Technique
  • Organizational Communication for Team Defending


  • Mode of transition to attack by passing
  • Mode of transition to attack by dribbling
  • Cues to read the transitional moments
  • Functions of defending transition within team schemes
  • Distinguishing between Drop, Squeeze, Press defending
  • Counter Pressing Cues
  • Functional Roles in Transitional moments


  • Hand Technique
  • Angle Play
  • Distribution techniques
  • Tactics of Distribution
  • Power Diving
  • Boxing & Deflecting
  • Organizational Communication

Former Coaches


Santiago Riveros
International Soccer Director
4 yrs Professional Soccer Player
ORU - 12th in the nation on assisting


Ryan Bush 
ORU Men’s Head Soccer Coach
WSA Director of Coaching
Serves on NCAA Ranking Committee


Roger Bush
Director of Soccer
ORU Women’s Head Soccer Coach
WSA Director of Soccer
6A District Coach of the Year