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Epos Performance Athletes supports the health, safety, and wellness of athletes, and communities nationwide. Impacting, Inspiring & Igniting passion in our youth to look beyond their current circumstances and take a hold of an incredible future.  Bringing a combination of classroom and field time to work on the Total Athlete.

Classroom Schedule:

We Believe You- Epos launched this program to let each and every teen know that “We Believe You”.  Giving way to open raw conversations about domestic abuse & sexual assaults. Providing support through licensed councilors to help overcome the trauma left behind in the wake of these horrific crimes. Educating on sexual assault & human trafficking prevention tactics.

Personal Branding / Marketing- Social media “influencers” aren’t the only ones who have a “brand” to maintain.  Our friends, treachers and those with whom we compete, all recognize our personal brand.  We examine this importance and how to care for our own personal brand.

Taking the Charge-  Life Coaches bring the importance of developing character and healthy relationships through social and emotional learning. Promoting balanced mental well-being of each young athlete.

Mental Toughness- Harnessing the Power of Determination and Perseverance

Achieving Excellence in the Face of Adversity – Stories of Triumph shared  by Professional Athletes

Epos End Zone- Health & Fitness – Epos’s youth wellness program Ignites excitement back into physical fitness and healthy lifestyle.  Through speed/agility classes, workouts, education and testimonies from professional athletes detailing their lifestyle, gives positive reinforcement for youth to make a playbook to make it to the End Zone.  Ensuring each young athlete is fueling their body to keep it from tearing down while boosting their self esteem. This new level of confidence carries over into other areas of their life outside of sports.

Inspiring Change- Epos is committed to give youth the platform to have open conversations and provide positive feedback that moves us towards a more equal and just future. One area of change is by building police & youth relationships in the future. Through communication and understanding we can bridge tomorrow.

Teen Crisis issues- Tackling tough teen issues they face everyday including: Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Self Harm, Suicide, Bullying, and Depression.

Education & Economic Opportunities- Presenting Education & Economic Opportunity for young adults.  Maneuvering through work programs, grants, standardized testing and scholarships available for college and vocational schools.  Focusing on different career paths outside of sports and community service opportunities.