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The EPOS Vision

Encompassing all areas of an athlete’s talent including mental stamina, physical endurance and personal growth, driving each individual to be “Epos”. Our team of coaches, professional athletes, licensed counselors, fitness experts, nutritionists, and life coaches make it possible to provide this platform.

Our Sponsors

Camps would not be possible without great partners and donors. Contact us to see how you can help support athletes across the nation. Epos Athletes is a 501C3 non profit organization

Featured Event

The EPOS Sport Experience

Experience an entire week at the Epos Camp. The June 12-17, 2023 camps will include football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, wrestling, golf, tennis and volleyball for grades 7-12th. Sponsorship available for registration fee if needed, no questions asked.

Athlete Insight

Corey Hilliard,
NFL Offensive Tackle for the Colts and Lions.

Epos is a chance to impact lives. It is a chance to give our kids the information and tools some of us didn’t have growing up. Excelling in sports is way more than performing on the court or field. Dare I say, playing the game is the easiest part. The difficulties we face are the ones we face off of the field. No sport is important if we can’t teach our youth to be good community leaders, eat healthy, stay active, exercise, and most importantly love one another like God wants us too. Epic is a chance to learn and inspire not only the youth but ourselves.